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VRD Studio uses 3D modeling, virtual reality, mixed reality and all the technologies needed to createout-of-the-ordinary digital experiences.

Our techniques are many and constantly being perfected, just like our projects.

Choosing "VR"

Virtual reality, or "VR" as it's more commonly known, is a fast-developing tool, making its way into a wide range of industries. 

Indeed, VR is no longer just reserved for young videos, it's becoming a tool for learning, industrial optimization, simulation and much more. 

In our case, it's used above all to offer customers a unique shopping experience that they control. 

The VR market was worth $67 million in 2023, and will be worth $220 million in 2028, according to a Mordor Intelligence study. 

But then ... what are you waiting for? 

Our strengths

We have a very clear objective : excellence. 

All the companies in our sector will tell you they do quality 3D, but we'll show you. 

VRD Studio is particularly keen on its
"real-time" approach to design.
Contrary to what can often be found with our
competitors, our high-quality images are not
fixed images but 3D objects that can be
manipulated, enlarged or shrunk in order to work on
the tiniest details.

Changes are instantaneous.

The presentation environment isn't fixed either,
it's a living character in the staging we

Worlds & Staging

It's fabulous to create something particularly beautiful, and when you do, what could be better than to present it in a setting that sublimates that beauty?

We're firm believers in showcases, and it's for this reason that we make continual efforts to offer ever more realistic and finely crafted environments, true to the spirit of the brand with which we collaborate.

VRD Studio is just as capable of providing you with a natural environment as it is of creating a showroom made of glass and steel, a boathouse, a cosmic canvas... our realization possibilities are the image of our imagination: limitless.


To meet a need often put forward by our customers, we're able to create configurators.

When we're working for a product that can be personalized, this is an ideal tool to offer to enrich the UX.

By taking into account a database chosen
by the customer: colors, materials, textures, finishes ...
we are able to create an interactive customer experience.

These configurators can be used in virtual reality, on a computer, but also on any
touch screen and can be integrated into the customer's

Tell us about
your ideas

If an idea crossed your mind, if you dream of creating something, if our work can meet yours ... we are listening!


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