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The Studio uses a technology that allows limitless creativity.

Our techniques are multiple and constantly perfected, just like our projects.


VRD Studio is proud to have developed a multi-user mode, synonymous with sharing and common discovery.

Our multiplayer mode has no distance limit. The Host can be in Paris and each Client on a different continent.

To ensure the presentation of an international project, it is the ideal tool. The desire to create this multiplayer mode was generated by a need for sharing. Putting on a virtual reality headset is usually a rather lonely experience.

It was important to us that the emotions that we take pains to create can be shared, compared, discussed by groups of users, whether it is a family, partners, or investors.

Our technique

Our techniques are numerous and often need to be used in synergy to achieve the perfect result that we are looking for.

We regularly use the 3D scanning, to the photo-grammetry and 3D modeling alternately.

VRD Studio is particularly keen on its approach in "real time" of the design. Contrary to what can often be found in our competitors, our high quality images are not fixed images but many 3D objects that it is possible to manipulate, enlarge or shrink in order to work on the smallest details.

Changes are instantaneous.

The presentation environment is not fixed either, it is a living character of the staging that we create.


To pay tribute to the creations entrusted to us as well as to our own work, it is essential to work with a goal of realism pushed to the max.

We make a photoscan materials then we script them ourselves on a graphics engine: Unreal

We thus obtain in real time the appropriate finish.

Thanks to this technique, we are able to make all the necessary modifications with the real materials of the future object.


It's fabulous to create something particularly beautiful and when you do, what better than to present it in a setting that enhances this beauty?

We firmly believe in showcases, in enhancement, and it is for this reason that we make continuous efforts to offer ever more realistic and ever more elaborate environments, faithful to the spirit of the brand with which we collaborate.

VRD Studio is as capable of providing you with a natural environment as it is of creating a showroom made of glass and steel, a boathouse, a cosmic canvas... our possibilities of realization are in the image of our imagination: without limits.


To meet a need often put forward by our customers, we are able to produce configurators.

When we work for a product that can be personalized, we propose this solution.

By taking into account a chosen database by the customer: colours, materials, textures, finishes, etc. we are able to create a interactive customer experience.

These configurators can be used in virtual reality, on a computer, but also on any touch screen and can be integrated into the website client.

Digital mirror

Some of our achievements consist of recreating reality... taking the opportunity to improve it a little! In this experiment, it was a question of copying the showroom of a luxury vehicle dealership so that it could be visited in VR from the living rooms.

Digitizing what already exists makes it possible to create a digital memory. We can imagine a virtual museum of all the creations of your brand, for example, where all the objects would be exhibited...that would be your INTRAVERS

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