Bring your dreams to life

There are only two behaviors in life: either we dream it, or we accomplish it.


designer // owner

Raffaele Antonio Venturelli

Nautical designer by training, Raffaele has been practicing this profession since he was 16 years old.

Leaving Naples at the age of 20 to join France, he designed yachts for various shipyards, before becoming independent in 2015.

Passionate about technology, he trained in 3D and virtual reality on his own for more than 10 years, becoming one of the best in his field.


juriste // owner

Laurie Pinson

A qualified lawyer, she manages all the administrative aspects of VRD Studio.

Responsible for the complete management of the company, she also takes care of commercial prospecting and the search for partnerships.

Its mission is to develop VRD Studio and make it a reference in the world of design, but also in that of tech.