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In a competitive world, differentiating oneself, communicating in aninnovative way and clearly presenting a product are major challenges for companies. A distinctive digital identity and immersive communication are becoming essential to capture the attention of a demanding audience.

VRD Studio offers a bespoke premium experience to meet corporate challenges. Our expertise in differentiating communication and product staging creates a captivating "waouh" effect. We transform complexity into simplicity and offer innovative solutions for a product presentation that leaves a lasting impression.

Are you looking for excellence in your product communications? VRD Studio offers more than just a solution: an opportunity. With our expertise in immersive creation and product enhancement, we shape memorable experiences that exceed expectationss. Opt for the obvious: choose VRD Studio to propel your brand to new heights.

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Astra Experience
Notre application réalité virtuelle

Premium virtual reality experience
Photorealism and premium quality
Collaborative working tool
Improved customer experience and shopping experience (40% increase in sales)
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The needs of our customers are multiple and evolving.

To meet this demand, we offer a variety of services:
showroom virtuels, configurateurs VR / touch, simulation en temps réel, vidéos 3D et encore d’autres services.
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about us


With 17 years' experience in nautical design, Raffaele began his career in Naples and continued it in France.

Since 2015, his freelance career has extended beyond boating, encompassing a variety of industries.

Fueling his passion for technology, he has honed his self-taught expertise in 3D and virtual reality for over a decade, positioning himself as a leader in 3D design and virtual reality.


A qualified lawyer, she is capable of managing VRD Studio's administrative functions, overseeing company operations and spearheading commercial initiatives.

As CEO, she leads business development, forges strategic partnerships and positions VRD Studio as a leader not only in design, but also in technology.

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