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The first idea of the studio is to be a perfect alliance between creativity and technology.

Virtual reality is not only reserved for fun, It's a real tool to be put at the service of all areas in order to support, sublimate and bring the most ambitious ideas to life.

VRD Studio aims to be the best studio for virtual reality in premium quality. As such, we only choose partners whose work seduces us and who have a vision in which we deeply believe.

Our expertise

Our techniques and technologies

Creation of universes
& custom worlds

Anything you dream of, we can give her lives in our experiences.

VRD wants to create a real multi-sensory journey where the feeling of "lived" is at the center of the UX.

Whether designing a case to put highlighting a creation, or the birth of a place life, nothing is impossible.
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3D Modeling
& scan

The objects that populate our experiences can come from different techniques according to their origin.

If they already exist, we can use 3D scanning or photogrammetry.

If they are still only an invention of the mind, we model them in 3D.
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We code/ your app
“hand sewn”

The needs of our customers are multiple and evolving.

To meet this demand, we offer a variety of services:
virtual showrooms, VR/touch configurators, real-time simulation, holograms and more.
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Look carefully because what you are about to see is not what you just saw

about us

Founded by Raffaele and Laurie, Virtual Reality Design Studio is the Bordeaux virtual reality design company, based in Bassins à Flot.

Drawing on the previous experience of each of its members, it aims to provide bold companies with the most advanced digital solutions.

Its field of action is as much in the production of marketing tools as in design assistance, through the development of immersive, fun and intuitive experiences.

Clients who approach our studio come from totally different markets (Real Estate, Boating, Automotive, Hospitality, etc.), making our activity diversified and stimulating.

Tell us about
your ideas

If an idea crossed your mind, if you dream of creating something, if our work can meet yours ... we are listening!