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Technology is changing the world of design. VR brings it to life.

At VDR Studio, we use the best of innovation to offer our clients unique experiences. 

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Take a look to the future

Passion is our philosophy. 

We love to make you feel special. We want your dreams come true. To do so, our company innovates and fulfills customer service high standards. 

1. The act of listening

You bring us all that matters for your project. We take your wishes into account to respect the essence of your ideas. 

2. The use of technology

We are at your service with our high tech equipments and dynamic staff. 

From idea to project proposal. 

3. Create your vision

Once the adjustments are made, we can give life to your project which becomes an achievement, a collaboration between you and us.

"Look carefully, because what you'll see is not what you just saw." Leonardo da Vinci


about us

Designer for 15 years. Self-taught engineer. Passionate about technology. I mixed drawing and digital techniques in order to give more life to my creativity.
I wish you to embark on my world of virtual reality and design. We will live wonderful adventures together.
This is the future that awaits you.

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If an idea crossed your mind, if you dream of creating something, if our work can meet yours ... we are listening!