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Creation of a customized virtual showroom for Icon Motors garage

Service including a virtual showroom carried out during 2021 for the garage Icon Motors

Icon Motors sells top-of-the-range pre-owned vehicles, and wanted to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering an unusual digital experience for a garage of this type.

So we developed the Icon Exp.

showroom virtuel

It includes a virtual showroom which is in fact a reproduction of the real showroom, what we call our digital mirror. Obtained through 3D scanning and photogrammetry, it contains four areas: the reception area, the sales area, the showroom and the mechanical and body shop area.

In addition to these spaces, we imagined a totally fictitious room inside which we placed a mini virtual configurator. You choose a couple of cars, change the color and slip inside.

Finally, in our quest for multi-sensoriality and an impression of reality, we integrated holograms of the employees. The team played the game, and each one explained his or her job. In this way, everything in the experience is detailed for the customer.

On the Icon website, we've integrated a light version of the Virtual Tour. Customers can therefore use this option on the internet, experience it directly at the dealership, or when the team travels to trade shows, for example.

One feature of the experience of which we are particularly proud is the development of the multiplayer mode.

A "host" enters the experience and can take up to five "clients" with him or her. There are no geographical limits, as each helmet can be located on a different continent. Participants enter the experience as avatars, and experience it together.

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