CAPECOD - Astra Experience Virtual Reality configurator





The Capecod project is a special one for VRD Studio, as we were involved in the design. After the creation phase, we used our expertise to facilitate marketing. To do this, we created a virtual reality configurator experience - Astra - enabling customers to customize their sailboat.

The customer is immersed in the virtual reality application thanks to his headset.

He can view different Cape Cod models and choose to configure the one that interests him.

He can configure the sailboat, which he will visualize in miniature in a hangar or at full size in the water.

The user has many options at his disposal: upholstery, hull color, sails, teak color ... and many more.

Once he's made his choice, he can retrieve photos of his configuration, along with the related quotation.

From our customer's point of view, this answers a logistical problem. It's not possible to stock every conceivable sailboat model, and showing samples of materials isn't as meaningful as customizing an entire boat.

For the potential buyer, there's a buying path that's different from that of other sailboat brands, and which gives him a designer's role. It's a different experience for them, one that's immersive and innovative. In many cases, this is the first time they have used a virtual reality configurator.

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