Z-Line Z8





Z8 boat model for the new Z-Line by SEALVER

In search of a new visual identity, Sealver consulted VRD Studio to create the new Z-line and its new boats models

The hull has been specially designed to be as pleasant as possible during navigation.

With jetski or outboard motor, a whole new design on an 8-meter semi-rigid

The Z-8, the first in the Z-Line range, is a real technical feat achieved by the VRD Studio.

The hull is designed so that water is sucked towards the rear of the boat and not discharged to the sides. Thus, we avoid a lot of turbulence and we gain considerably in comfort.

Beyond the technical, this boat attracts new customers every day wherever it goes thanks to its aesthetic, whether at the Paris Motor Show, at the Naples Motor Show, in the Caribbean or in the Mediterranean.

This is one of the VRD Studio's most important projects of the last two years and we are happy that it continues to live and evolve, in particular thanks to the study of a “pro” version, designed for rescue teams at sea.

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